The Nutrition Behind Jamba Juice Smoothies

As Jamba Juice smoothies become more and more popular, it is important to understand whether or not they are good for your health. Be sure to evaluate the fiber, calcium, protein, and vitamin and mineral content of these smoothies before choosing them for you and your family. Fiber Content One of the most important components of Jamba Juice smoothies is ... Read More »

How to Eat Healthy While on Vacation

When you go on vacation, remember that you shouldn’t derail your healthy eating habits. Entering your getaway with some ideas about how to eat healthy while still enjoying yourself (and indulging a little) will keep you on track. After all, nobody wants to return from vacation with an extra couple of pounds as a souvenir. Here’s how to eat healthy ... Read More »

Four Reasons to Skip the Margaritas at a Mexican Restaurant

Margaritas are a traditional Mexican drink that are composed to tequila, lemon, lime, or strawberry puree, and simple syrup. While these drinks are delicious, they are not necessarily a great choice if you are looking for a healthy drink. The high calorie, sodium, and alcohol content, combined with a dangerous effect on blood sugar levels, can all contribute to major ... Read More »

7 Ways to Effectively Stop Your Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction plagues many people. There are many reasons why you may be reaching for sugar. The sweet taste may put you in a good mood. Your body may crave it and you are not sure why. Or, it may just be a habit to eat a sugary snack after each meal. Here are seven ways to effectively stop your ... Read More »

Can Chewing Gum Help You Stay Trim

Chewing gum can, in theory, help you to stay trim. Backed up by research, chewing gum elevates your metabolic rate. It also allows your mouth to stay fresh and enjoy different flavors, which can be especially useful when you are dieting. There are several considerations, however, that make gum chewing not the best weight loss or weight maintenance strategy. Research ... Read More »

Eating and Exercise: How to Properly Schedule Your Day

Eating and exercise actually go hand in hand when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and working out can provide a real weight loss solution to those who are tired of trying diet and diet only to fail again. Instead of relying on a specific diet to lose weight and to keep it off, consider making a ... Read More »

How to Do a Cable Woodchop

The cable woodchop is a great exercise that targets the obliques and other abdominal muscles. When performing this exercise, make sure that the equipment is set up properly in order to prevent injury and achieve optimal results. Once the basic form of this exercise becomes too simple, close your eyes to make this simple exercise even more challenging. About the ... Read More »

3 Unique Techniques to Help You Manage Weight Loss

Maintaining a low-calorie diet and an exercise program can be boring after some time, and they may not be effective in helping you manage weight. As such, you may have to look for alternative weight loss methods that provide better results. In recent years, many new weight loss techniques have been developed, and some of them have been proven to ... Read More »